My New Black MacBook

My new black MacBook has been in my possession now for about a week and I can report that this design rocks big time. Prior to the new MacBook I have owned four 17” Apple powerbooks and used may others and am thoroughly impressed by improvements made in this design.

As others have stated the new MacBook is infinitely more sophisticated than previous incarnations of the low-end Apple laptop. Though I have two 17” G4 Powerbooks at my disposal I have used the MacBook exclusively since its arrival. I love the new screen (the gloss is not a bad thing and it is incredibly bright), it is much faster than the G4 and the keyboard, though not perfect, is nice. Initially, I thought I might not be happy with the quality of the MacBook finish as the aluminum PowerBooks are beautifully done but the CFM of the black MacBook is really nice.

Two elements of the MacBook design that I regard as huge improvements are (as the Apple describes them) the “klutz-proof power adapter and a nifty magnetic latch”. The power cord interface and latch on all of the PowerBooks I have owned were eventually damaged causing much grief for such a seemingly insignificant feature. Great job on these features Apple.

The last item I wanted to be sure and note about the Intel-based MacBook is the that, though the Adobe Creative Suite 2 is not optimized for the Intel processor and runs on Rosetta Photoshop and Illustrator run a fair bit faster than on my G4. I was concerned with the performance of these apps on a MacBook as I spend a great deal of my productive time working in them and would quickly become disenchanted should they have been super slow on the MacBook.

So, I thought I would add to the echo around the black MacBook and touch on a few items I found most useful or surprising. The moral of the story is there has never been a better time to pick up a great Apple laptop at an extremely reasonable price. I have gone from the top-of-the-line Apple laptop to a low-end machine by choice, not lack thereof and am very happy with my decision and am sure you will be as well.


  1. That’s great to hear – I was worried about the whole Creative Suite thang. I’ll still have to go for the MacBook Pro for video.

    Ross Chapman

  2. Word is that the peformance gap between the MacBook and MacBook Pro isn’t as big as it was between the iBook and PowerBook in the G4 line. Anyone find this to be true? I’m going to be upgrading, but maybe I don’t need to go aluminum.

    Anthony Baker

  3. Drool. Envy. You better watch, I’m gonna sneak up on you in the ssw parking lot and steal the black monster! And if you haven’t won an award for the new site design you should, these fonts with subpixel hinting on my ubuntu box are gorgeous.


  4. I ordered the Black MacBook. FedEx should be dropping it off today. I went with the 1GB of Ram. The last Mac I owned was the original iMac (trayloading, bondi blue). I’m in IT, so I may be forced to run windows from time to time. What do you think of the funny new keyboard? It looks like the spaces between keys may be hard to get used to right away. Oh well, here’s to taking the plunge.


  5. Hi Jeremy,
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  6. Well, I took a major step and finally visited a Mac store to see what all the fuss was about…

    Coming from a strictly Wintel PC background (except for the Mac 2C in HS) I was left underwhelmed. I have to admit that the OS X GUI is nice and all, but the raw performance of the platform appears to be quite similar to my 2 year old Athlon 64 Emachines laptop.

    Don’t take my comments in a negative way, for I can appreciate several things about the Mac. I just don’t see the value proposition in terms of performance/$.


  7. Where can i find this BLACK macbook pro? i can find the normal colour but not in BLACK?

    steve james

  8. the magnetic latch is GREAT!
    it’s a nice trick to show to friends.


  9. So not fair!
    Lol i dont know where to get a black one ?
    Apple store ?
    Because i only have a white one!
    And its really hard to keep clean.


  10. I ordered a black macbook last night, 2gb of RAM. I ordered two day shipping, and I’m anxious because the case and might mouse I ordered the same night say they shipped today and are going to arrive on May 3rd, yet the Blackbook (haha) says its ship date is May 1-3 and delivery date is May 3-8. I’d think they’d do this 2 day shipping with the notebook also. Hopefully, it all works out. I’m really happy for you though, being the die-hard Apple fan that I am. Congrats =D


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